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Welcome to Gammaw Geek and Grammy’s Hands. Computers, crafts, crocheting, spinning yarn, weaving – you will find a liitle bit of all of it and more on these pages.

I love tinkering with computers. I also believe in keeping your computer safe and secure from Internet varments and doing it for free.

Free is good.

I also love to create.

So I do crafts.

I crochet and have written a few patterns. I love to spin yarn and work with natural fibers – wool, alpaca, mohair to name a few. I also use man made yarns when the need arises.

I  work with wood that nature has given us. I make crochet and Tunisian hooks and other small items from wood harvested after a storm or yard waste.  The beauty is amazing.

I also do book reviews. I belong to The Library Thing and The Book Club Network and that is where most of the books come from that I review. I would love to review some craft books that cover spinning and/or fleece, sewing or crochet, so if you have one available, drop me a note or comment.

On these pages you will find:

Ways to secure your computer from  Internet varments — cost free.

Quality freeware from the Internet

The crafts I indulge in.

Whatever else I happen to write about.

A little pat on the back for me….While working on my own genealogy, I got involved with indexing the 1940 Census for FamilySearch.org. I fully intend to continue indexing for them.

FamilySearch Indexing Indexer Badge
If you wish to contact me, you can use the contact form on the right.




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